Equipoise: Metal’s Misfit Maestros Gather in Guitar Legend’s Honor

NOTE: This was a breaking news article which I was gifted with two excellent interviews the same day. The Equipoise project has since been very successful and is now producing merch. On September 3rd, Nick Padovani had appealed to his followers via the official Equipoise FB page: “…someone local to our scene is having financial issues due to cancer he was diagnosed with a while back. would any of you be upset if these shirts and cds went towards him for now? we would of course resume raising money for Jason during the full length.”

13495209_300580893610224_2538012580510972454_nAugust 5, 2016
T. Ray Verteramo

Nick Padovani needed to do something.

“So I started writing music for this back in August, knocked out an LP worth of songs by early December,” founder Padovani said. “Then I began reaching out to some talents. Having my friend already involved, I then reached out to two musicians I have immense respect for, Stevie Boiser (vocals, ex-Sentient) and Hugo Karout (fretless bass, Beyond Creation).”
We released our first track about mid-January, then a second one towards the end of February. So as you noticed, we released an EP today, but in between that time we have since picked up the amazing Jimmy Pitts, who very graciously knocked out new parts in under a month.”

The result which was released is a skull-splitting, soulful EP full of classical phrasing and Black Metal brutality, in a shroud of atmospheric transience.

Mr. Jimmy Pitts

Eternity’s End and freelance keyboardist Jimmy Pitts commented, “I really lucked out there to get in on such an amazing project right at the end prior to the demo release. I’ve wanted to get back to my roots on some more extreme metal for a long time, in addition to all of the other stuff I normally do and also love, so one day I was just posting that I was working on some jazz fusion, power metal, and Classical all in one weekend and Nick asked me how I would like to do some tech death. I jumped at the opportunity before even hearing them so I remember thinking, ‘I hope they are good’!”

But, with an extraordinary product and eclectic line-up, Padovani was not content to shake it as his own moneymaker. He stated, “I think I knew very early on that I had philanthropic intentions for this band. I see too many bands focused on raising money for themselves, which is perfectly fine, but I instead wanted to try a different approach. I consider this a passion/hobby of mine, and I feel no need to profit from it. So I decided who else to raise money for other than Jason Becker, a man who has been met with an unfortunate fate, and is known as one of the best guitarists to ever live.”

Jason Becker was an 80’s up-and-coming guitar hero who wowed with the likes of Beck, Van Halen, and Malmsteen, until he started to feel a chronic pain in his leg. He was diagnosed with ALS over 25 years ago. Though completely paralyzed and mute, Becker’s father devised a contraption that allows him to continue to communicate and compose today.

Padavoni said, “I figured that he’s such a strong inspiration for guitarists and musicians alike that play music similar to mine (“noodly” guitars ha-ha), and I figure it’s only right to remind him that he’s still heavy on everyone’s mind.”

The Equipoise charity campaign to benefit the Jason Becker’s Foundation through Bandcamp will be ongoing and plans to extend to merchandising, as well. Though the fans may disagree, for Padovani, “The charity thing is probably more exciting for me than the release itself honestly.”

You can download and donate at: https://equipoiseofficial.bandcamp.com/
Equipoise Official FB page