Iron Raven…*CLONK*






Sometimes “The One” is exactly that: the one step closer to what you are really supposed to be doing.

Iron Raven was a beautiful song with all the right notes, played with broken instruments.

It happens. Failure is nothing to be ashamed of. You live, you learn, you heal, you show your gratitude, and move on stronger and wiser.

But, during those short two months of Iron Raven’s existence, I had the opportunity to do some very interesting, fun, and valuable work which is, unfortunately, no longer available to the artists and contributors, by choice of the former site administrator.

However, my being a “back up junkie,” the work was preserved and can be referenced here:


  • Danny Tunker, Abhorrent, Alkaloid, ex- Aborted
  • Todd LaTorre, Queensryche
  • Zach Householder, Whitechapel
  • John Cobbett, Hammers of Misfortune
  • Nick Padovani and Jimmy Pitts, Equipoise
  • Hannes Grossmann, solo artist, Alkaloid
  • Daniel van Nes, multi-disciplinary artist
  • Sock Puppet Parody, funny Metal undergarments


  • Despite – Synergi
  • Avatar – Feathers and Flesh
  • Kvesta – Ibex Arrival

Meanwhile, let it be known I don’t give up easily. I love what I do. And love makes you do crazy things, doesn’t it?