Andreas Kisser of Sepultura – Happy Anniversary

10382746_10152738147086924_1914858590093034158_nTRV: That speaks volumes about the progressive element of Sepultura that frankly, people don’t talk about. Do you feel people overlook the innovative elements of the band’s musicianship?

You know, yeah. People are lazy. They like to have a pre-concept of everything and they miss a chance for themselves to go and see things change. And that’s part of life, itself. We all change and it’s going to happen either way, especially in music. Sepultura was never scared to risk, to try different things, to go to different territories, to learn new things. In 30 years of our career, we’ve been to 73 countries so far. It’s an amazing mark…

May 29, 2015

I have never met a more accommodating, lovely crew than Sepultura’s. Whatever the drama may have been in their past, it is very obvious that this band has now found their chi. Kisser was absolutely wonderful to talk with, especially when it came to the creative process and industry.

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