Light in the Darkness

schammasch-rilla-2-1-of-1“There’s always got to be a certain aspect of darkness to Black Metal music, I think. That’s my personal belief because that’s the fertile ground for that music and it has to be part of it. But, what we try to handle darkness in a constructive way and as a natural part of the whole. Death and life are both equally necessary parts of existence.” – C.S.R.  April 2, 2016

Metalen Fanzine #10 – Schammasch feature, page 18

There is a divine gravity about the enigmatic Schammasch from Switzerland. I was intrigued by their critically-acclaimed “Contradiction” in 2014, like much of the international Metal community, so I looked forward to an opportunity to exchange words with their leader.

As Maximum Metal started to take a different direction, I was unexpectedly invited to write for Metalen Fanzine of Austria by the editor-in-chief — an oddity that CSR pleasantly mused over. Seeing this as a great platform to stretch my more Extreme Metal wings, as they are also distributors of merch and media, I accepted. When it was time to dole assignments, I proposed an interview with Schammasch to help promote their timely new release, “Triangle.” Without opposition, I reached out to the band through social media. I received an immediate and positive response, and had the delight of conducting the interview the very same day. As a further gift, I was the first reporter to receive the news about their upcoming tours.

The piece was featured as a beautiful three-page spread.

Official Schammasch FB Page
Official Schammasch website