JonthoVocal4PR_zps5537ce60“A lot of new bands are starting up now. But, they are like trying to play Black Metal the way we did in the early 90’s. The difference is that the bands that start today will not last for the next 20 years. But, the older bands like us, the bigger bands, they have lasted 20 years, Mayhem, like 30. But, the bands today will not play Black Metal for the next 20 years.” – Jontho Panthera, April 10, 2016

Metalen Fanzine #10 – Ragnarok centerfold feature, page 14

I genuinely enjoyed chatting with Mr. Jontho, one of the Norwegian fathers of Black Metal. Personable, straight-up, and a little conscious of his “bad English” (which I assured him is far superior to what I am usually subjected to), I got a unique and pugilistic perspective on the scene and conditions. Much of the foundation of Black Metal is laid with the demand to live one’s truth, in defiance of dogma and monotheistic control. This guy walks his talk, ever royal and loyal to his bloody pulpit, and still takes pride in his day job working with at-risk youth.

This was my first assignment for Metalen Fanzine and first centerfold article.

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