The Lightning Strikes

11174839_896552887058160_8547711847240695605_nTEMPLE OF ROCK
April 7, 2015

“Schenker is one of the very few artists that can genuinely steal the breath away from his fans. Every note of every solo was received with fixation and awe. When the instrument becomes the voice and an extension of the player, the witness becomes part of the process. Schenker is an animator of sound. And when he took the last few precious minutes of the show for his grand finale, like fireworks, he pulled all the stops; manipulating every string, every peg, every muscle, every which, and every way through his signature, unorthodox techniques, and the thrill was beyond words.”

The show was explosive. Seeing the master of the axe perform live was mind-blowing. Receiving personal thanks from Wayne Findlay and Robin McAuley was very touching.

Having my review quoted on his official Facebook page was just downright humbling:
(*Note: my Facebook is set to ‘pirate.’)

michaelschenkertempespiritonamissioncdTemple Of Rock be addin’ 11 fresh portraits
TOUR UPDATES! A very busy week.. hence the lack of updates. Here is the past week..
Day 4 & 5 were days off in Vegas. As we all know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so these days will remain the unspoken.

Tour day 6: Show day In Vegas Vamp’d bar which included a special guest appearance from ROBIN MCAULEY.… “Schenker is one of the very few artists that can genuinely steal the breath away from his fans. Every note of every solo was received with fixation and awe.”

Tour day 7: Livewire Concert Hall, Scottsdale…



Thank You, Mr. Schenker

michael_schenker_by_laurence_harvey[1]“If I look back,” he says, “I see my life in three stages. The beginning, the first stage of my life, was dedicated to the development as a guitarist and to my music contribution to the world, creating an entity for the 80’s. And then the 80’s, the ‘Lovedrive’ album with my brother that opened doors for America, for the Scorpions. So, my brother took my black and white Flying V [laughs], took over, and I withdrew into the ‘school of Life.’ I experimented in development more and more musically and having my own face, without being in a touring machine that was looking for fame and success from me. I was hungry for learning to play on a personal level. And then 2008, somewhere around that time, all of a sudden, I felt the urge and really enjoyed being on stage, which never happened before. So, I knew that time that I should be back in the world of rock and roll now and The Temple of Rock is that group where it is happening.”

February 13, 2015

It was Friday the 13th, 5 o’clock in the morning. I had a temp of 102 from bronchitis, could barely talk, think straight, or dial the phone right. If it wasn’t for the Mad Axeman’s excitable chattiness and consummate professionalism, this interview had all the makings to be as successful as the maiden voyage of the Titanic. But, in my stupor, he gifted me with a scoop and the piece came together like an exhale. “Portrait of a Spirit” was syndicated twice. — “I See My Life In Three Stages…” — “Michael Schenker Reflects…”

Michael Schenker / Temple of Rock Official — Facebook