Lady Leather


“I had no problem getting my hands dirty. I liked helping with the soundchecks and I’d be out there in, you know, t-shirt and jeans and whatever and yeah, I got the cat calls and the ‘hey baby’ crap and the whatnot. But, I know I’m a good person, I know who I am. I used to be a scrapper, I was always popular, and I have enough of an ego to just let whatever the haters say just roll off my back because I know the second I start singing, they’ll shut the hell up.”


“Godmother of Metal” Interview: Leather Leone —

Though this deservingly defunct outlet may been lackluster at best, it did afford me this interview which was anything but. I have wanted to meet and speak with Leather for years since the days of “For Those Who Dare.” She is such a brutal and beautiful soul, a real natch in every way. When she told me this article was her favorite portrait, I felt very honored. She may not like it or see it or even care, but she is an awesome role model — not just for women, but for anyone. Though “Surrender to No One” may have had mixed receptions, no one ever questions the band’s collective talent.

Leather’s an awesome person and has one of the best voices in Metal. Period.

Chastain – Encyclopaedia Metallum