Nerdy Fan Fiction – “Within the Hallows of Sanctuary”

“I am not a gamer, per se. But, I love Diablo the way one loves a strong, reliable friend.

In the fall of 2006, I met a man who would introduce me to the Diablo universe, only to control how I was able to play it, when I was able to play it, and criticize me for not playing it the way he would play it.  So, when I finally left him over two years later, I brought my game with me, determined to slay my own demons my way.

Since then, I not only found great enjoyment, but a part of myself that I thought had been taken from me forever.

The Necromancer has always been my favorite.” – To Death With Love, page from Within the Hallows of Sanctuary

Dangerous, wise, spiritual, and “sapiosexy,” The Necromancer from the Diablo game series is one of the best characters ever developed in fiction. If Metal had a mascot, he would be far more befitting than Baphomet, as in his way, he encompasses all genres. How could I not be inspired?

So, as a stress release, I created this blog, Within the Hallows of Sanctuary to pay homage to the game, the character, and the creators.


Before “The Purge”…

FROM THE PROLOGUE: “There comes a time in one‘s life when they find a book so compelling, so enriching to our spirit, it illuminates our personal darkness and lifts us up, leaving us this feeling of great empowerment over all things possible…This ain‘t that book.”


“Cleaners” – dystopic novel by T. Ray

I love dystopia. I love to play “what if?” This is the product of one of my games and I dedicated it to my childhood hero and my dad.

BACKPAGE: In 2159, the dictator of the United States is slain. The country breathes easier again, welcoming the first presidential election in over seven hard years. But, although the people rejoice the death of the “Red Queen” and the oppressions of her reign, they refuse to forego one legacy she left behind:

The right to commit one free murder a year.

Now, in a country in limbo, we meet the pawns and players in the genocidal game: Brad – A victim, consumed with fear; Simon – A registrant, determined to prove himself; Frank – A candidate, caught between what is right and what is correct; and America, itself.

Will the upcoming election be the end of the ultimate freedom…or is there still too much at stake?

FROM THE PROLOGUE: “In third grade, when we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up, much to the dismay of my teacher, I answered that wanted to be Alice Cooper. Not that I‘m disappointed in the way I‘ve actually evolved, but still, my little 8-year-old self reasoned, “Well, who wouldn’t want to wear black make-up and sing with snakes? (Like, ―duh)!”