Nerdy Fan Fiction – “Within the Hallows of Sanctuary”

“I am not a gamer, per se. But, I love Diablo the way one loves a strong, reliable friend.

In the fall of 2006, I met a man who would introduce me to the Diablo universe, only to control how I was able to play it, when I was able to play it, and criticize me for not playing it the way he would play it.  So, when I finally left him over two years later, I brought my game with me, determined to slay my own demons my way.

Since then, I not only found great enjoyment, but a part of myself that I thought had been taken from me forever.

The Necromancer has always been my favorite.” – To Death With Love, page from Within the Hallows of Sanctuary

Dangerous, wise, spiritual, and “sapiosexy,” The Necromancer from the Diablo game series is one of the best characters ever developed in fiction. If Metal had a mascot, he would be far more befitting than Baphomet, as in his way, he encompasses all genres. How could I not be inspired?

So, as a stress release, I created this blog, Within the Hallows of Sanctuary to pay homage to the game, the character, and the creators.


Net Brutality – Feature on TeamRock

“…Without those regulations, Verizon can now sell those $25 packages but allow access only to Facebook, email, and one streaming service. So, if someone wants to read the news, say, they would have to pay extra. If someone wants to access a shopping site, like Amazon, they would have to pay extra.

This is not only bad news for low-to-middle income families, it could be a devastating blow to artists everywhere.”

Well, the great circus clowns at the Capitol Hill big top pulled the plug on net neutrality on Thursday, December 14, 2017. I took it personally. So, I made a call to my senator, my governor, and the ACLU chapter. Then, I reached out to my friend, the excellent editor of Classic Rock Magazine, Scott Rowley, in Great Britain and asked if he had a writer on the story. He didn’t, but he was curious as to why he should. After I explained it to him, he told me to have at it. So, I did.

I’m especially proud of this piece because writing for TeamRock, with their quality content, wide distribution base, and excellent reputation, was a real privilege and because it inspired a genuine dialogue on both the Classic Rock and Metal Hammer Facebook threads.