It’s “Wall” not “Walls”…


“My main focus in my life is music, as it has been for a long time. But, not anymore in the sense that I need to try to make it as big as I can or to take the world by storm. I’m not looking into things like becoming the next guitar player for Megadeth or Ozzy. I’m also not interested anymore in touring five months a year just so that more people talk about it. I just want to be able to continue making my own music, fulfill my musical visions, and get better as a player and writer.” January 29, 2016

We interview talents to gain a new perspective. So, if we’re doing a semi-adequate job, we’ll just have an experience, grab a coffee and call it a day. Yet, if we’re willing to challenge the boundaries of someone’s comfort zone, without disrespect, then the results can be very satisfying, a journey well-traveled.

However, if we challenge those boundaries with a champion, a self-contender, a true artist that revels in probabilities and finding the extraordinary within the center of his earth, expect a big bang. I jibed that if Christian ever wanted to write a biography to hit me up; I don’t think he realized I wasn’t kidding.

And his campaign met its goal 39 days ahead of schedule.

Christian Muenzner’s Eternity’s End – Indiegogo Campaign