That Big-Breasted Elephant In The Room

Metalheads: Of Hatred and Healing
Sexism and Homophobia in Heavy Metal

liv“Porn, fashion, make-up, prostitution, skin bars, and sex-trafficking are generally female-centric businesses, raking in billions and billions of dollars for male-centric owners. The music industry, which has been cashing in on estrogen for decades, is no exception. Women are still struggling to earn respect because patriarchy understands that it is very difficult to control what you must respect. Controlling women is a golden goose. Why hand over the eggs?”

T. Ray

April 17, 2015

Maximum Metal is a unique site in that it is comprised of writers who love Metal, not Metalheads who write. There is as much passion for the word as there is for the lyric. We respect each others’ work because the work earns the respect. So, when my strong, thoughtful comrade Mr. Greg Watson asked me to collaborate with him on a socio-political commentary he wanted to pen, that took real trust. That meant something. He knew that sexism is a platform that not too many artists are willing to stand on, but needs to be done. Once we got the blessing from the powers-that-be, Greg set the stage and passed the megaphone.

Collaborating writers is nothing like a band — it’s like getting a couple of hermit crabs to share a shell. But, we did it. I was proud to and I’m still amazed that nothing got cracked in the process.

You gotta stay loud in this world, my friends. Silence is lethal. Stay loud. \m/

“Carry on to your Heaven
Carry on to the End
It’s all for those who dare…”


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