Enter Morean

darkfortress“It’s like analog levels, the same kind of energy is the raw force, which is there, which then translates itself into riffs and into music and into songs and into emotions that are connected to the – or that I put into songs and then I translate them into stories, imagery and into words and into my own head trip. I will get a song in an instrumental way, and then just open the doors, which I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you how that works, and then something comes. Then, I go along for the ride, or until I find something worthy to say that translates itself into a piece of art. It’s my way of trying to put a concrete image to this abstract feeling or energy.”

October 17, 2014


It was my turn to pick from the “review buffet” and I ended up with some Rammstein clone, a bunch of drunken pirates, and this Dark Fortress thing. I expected Black Metal, but I didn’t expect to be completely, literally entranced. “Venereal Dawn” stole time away from me. I had to listen to the entire project twice in order to be able to convey anything of what I heard to my readers. But, afterwards, I was determined to find out who these thieves were and make them explain themselves.

Fortress’ vocalist, Florian “Morean” Maier answered my interview request personally and with such graciousness, I couldn’t help but feel flattered. I also was rather surprised because everyone knows if you’re big enough to have your fans tattoo your logo, usually you’re too busy to be your own mouthpiece. But, there he was. In between composing for orchestras, preparing for a European tour with Schammasch and his own work with his own band, Noneuclid, we scheduled and rescheduled this damn interview 20 times over two weeks until we finally caught each other on Skype. Between his food poisoning and my being up at 6 o’clock in the morning, we were so pretty, oh so pretty…

But, it turned out to be one of the absolute best interviews I had ever enjoyed. He was a perfect guest; full of eloquence and observations, charming, un-rehearsed and genuine, with no reservations. He let me in with so much trust and color that if he didn’t have another interview scheduled, we could have easily bypassed the Energizer Bunny. He filled my palette so full of material, I hardly knew where to begin when it was time to write. He’s an extraordinary talent and personality amongst some of the most precious black pearls in Germany and The Netherlands’ Metal oyster. Dark Fortress became one of my new favorites and Morean, the artist and his work, became (and continues to be) a particular inspiration to me.

This interview was a gift. This man is important.

Dark Fortress — Official website
Dark Fortress — Facebook
Dark Fortress — International Fans Facebook page



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